Art Display Essentials had the privilege of working with the Santa Fe Trail Center Museum and Library over the course of the renovation of their East Gallery.  It was an honor to walk alongside the museum during their renovation over the last few years, providing them with products ranging from the simplest stock products to intricate custom mounts for artifacts.

Richard Lartz II, the Exhibit Developer at the museum stated, “I wanted to let you know that your armatures and custom mounts have been a key element in our East Gallery renovation project at the Santa Fe Trail Center Museum.  They are excellent products and a great selection to choose from!” 

The customer service and sales team at Art Display Essentials worked closely with Richard to assist in choosing the best stock mounts for his needs and designing custom mounts for items that needed specialized support.  Tim, one of Art Display Essentials skilled craftsman, has been designing and producing custom mounts with the company for almost 30 years.  Tim worked alongside Richard in deciding on the best methods to display the items that needed custom mounts to ensure their safety and preservation while on display. 


When items range in size from large bison vertebrae and small arrow heads or spurs, careful measures must be taken during the mount making process.  Ensuring that each item is displayed in a way that is supportive and minimalistic, while also protecting the piece and allowing it to be displayed safely, is truly an art that can take many years to master.  With the help of Art Display Essentials, the museum was able to ensure that these priceless pieces of American history were displayed safely and beautifully.

The Santa Fe Trail Center Museum and Library exhibits the history of the Santa Fe Trail trade route and the influence it had during the Westward Expansion.  Art Display Essentials was honored to be a part of the renovations taking place in a gallery that portrays such a prominent piece of American history and culture.