When museums around the world began planning for reopening during the pandemic, they needed to determine how to inform and safely guide museum visitors. One of the key components to reopening was signage and protective barrier systems. Museums reached out to Art Display Essentials to supply MuseumSigns for informational stands and signage to inform patrons, Q-Cord queuing products to create safe spaces and proper flow, and MuseumRails products to inform and protect areas.

The customer service team at Art Display Essentials worked closely with the exhibition and design teams at museums and cultural centers in the U.S. and around the world to meet the challenge of providing products on time and within their budget.

With all the components of the MuseumSigns and Q-Cord product line made in the USA, we were able to meet the need through our locally sourced supply chain and helped local businesses get back to work at a critical time during the pandemic.

Our customers had the following comments…

“When we started brainstorming what a safe museum reopening would look like, we knew signage would be an integral part of this new visitor experience. The team at Art Display Essentials worked incredibly hard to ensure we had everything we needed to open our doors. As we continue to learn and adapt through each operational change, our signage system has given us maximum flexibility. With our stanchion and signage equipment, we have developed creative solutions for a contactless visitor journey while preserving welcoming touches along the way.”

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens has been working with Art Display Essentials since 2018 to update our interior room barriers and signage with Q-Cord and MuseumSigns products. We appreciate the quality of the materials and the visual contrast of the modern minimalist design against our elaborate historic décor. The modular nature of the components allows us to easily change our interpretive and regulatory signage and section off inaccessible areas as needed. This adaptable feature became even more invaluable to us as we reopened during the pandemic. With the rapidly shifting County orders, we were able to quickly modify our logistics accordingly to ensure a safe experience for our staff and visitors. We created one-way paths throughout the museum to contain visitor traffic and implemented signage to promote our recovery fundraising campaign and online programming.”

Art Display Essentials has been proud to be a part of the effort to safely reopen museums during the pandemic.

Directing museum visitor flow at the Vizcaya Museum

Vizcaya Museum Guidance

Vizcaya Museum Guidance

Social Distance Sign

Social Distance Signage

Social distance signs at the Metropolitan Museum of art

MuseumSigns In the Met